The Flame Testament

The Flame Testament

Monday, June 22, 2015

16. Kevin Vs Evil Machina

Another basic comparison of the new character(Evil Machina) and his premium counterpart(Kevin). As I have mentioned on my previous post, Kevin has 10 more Sen compared to Evil Machina. Their personal skill is entirely different. As I understand Google's translation; Evil Machina's Solting Machina gives 10 accuracy, 10% attack speed and normal attacks do 1.5x damage, it also gives immunity to debuff and 1 attack rating at level 11. Kevin's Pacifista gives 1 attack rating at all levels and increases his attack damage by 1.5x(not just normal attack) as he receives physical damage(OR as his HP goes down, will update once I get more info). Their Stance, Machina, has an attack modifier of 240% and does 1 hit per attack cycle and has different 5th skill for each character.

Photo credit to: 모르겟는데요
PS. you can also see a lovely picture of Adult Rachel and Kano in there.

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